Issue 21 - Spring 2024


Sculptor and Sculpture – Lauren Cox (1st)

Chains of Gold – Connor Franklin (2nd)

Braided Essay – Chandler Carter


Losing Your Best Friend – Ra’Liyah Blythe

A Certain Hunger – Bree Brandt

To those that raised me – Christine Breckler (1st)

Frequenters of Deep Webs – Eden Breinich

aurora in the dead of night – Eden Breinich

limb lost – Eden Breinich

i want to die as i lived – Eden Bunnie

Haunt – Eden Bunnie

Bones – Mirella Burghy

Metzil to Mexican girls – Nevaeh Castro

Vesuvius – Lucky Christiansen

Carole – Lucky Christiansen

If it’s magic (make it everlasting) – Sergio Jeans (2nd)

Poem for Thunderstorms – Cymber Lebahn

A Ripped-Up Man- Poem Inspired by T.S. Eliot – Caelum Pewitt

Sisters – Tori Phillips

Dear Squirrel – Cauley Smith

A Chef’s Devotion – Elise Stouffer

Where are you – Myka Williamson

Screen Writing

The MED: Iron Heaven – Patrick Thibodeaux (1st)

Eleven People – Skye Berggren (2nd)

Spring 2024 Class

Avery Slifer– Social Media

Ra’Liyah Blythe – Literary

Auberon Hepler – Literary

Cauley Smith – Layout & Literary

Tessa Luicart – Layout 

Eden Breinich – Layout

Arthur Dauphinais – Layout 

Sami Beinke – Layout

Annie Harris – Art

Jojo Agustin – Art 

Olivia Shamell – Art

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