Aurora in the Dead of Night - Eden Breinich

beautiful, i was

asleep, i was not

so much as 




when he put his mouth to mine

i did not reciprocate 

nor wake

he did not seem to mind,

taking the path of least resistance 


he drank me in, devoured like 

something deprived or depraved

a chemical stench didn’t vex him

since victory 

tastes sweet


i was stuffed

like a deer, mounted

unmoving, and him mistaken

my juices were not that of arousal

but formaldehyde and ethanol


he didn’t last long, hardly a minute

and began shaking like he was

somehow human

hacking, coughing, vomiting

insides turned out


he fell down dead

in the bed opposite me, then

scales of justice rebalanced, revenge

indeed, tastes sweet

and beauty resurrects

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