We are looking for fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, reviews, art, photography, as well as video/animated pieces, to be included in Botticelli. We accept both 2D and 3D art! So, if you have photos, illustrations, designs, sculptures, dresses, models, animation, etc., please consider sending it in. We will also consider sound files.

We highly encourage submissions from writers and artists of all identities, and we are committed to publishing work that reflects the full diversity of CCAD’s student population.

If you have an interesting piece you’d like to see in our literary and art magazine, go ahead and send it along to us. We love to see collaborative work as well. Our review process involves an editorial staff of student writers and artists.

Please read the more specific guidelines below and then submit your work to

Literary/Text Submissions

Length and Genre

We accept all forms of writing including poetry, prose, screenplays, stage plays, hybrid work, comics, etc. There is no minimum word limit, but for prose and scripts we typically publish pieces that are less than 2000 words or 5-10 pages for a screenplay. You are more than welcome to submit an excerpt of a larger work so long as it can act as a standalone sample. We accept all genres (though see the note below re: fanfiction).

Other Literature Guidelines

We do not accept work that’s already been published elsewhere. Typically we publish no more than 3 poems by a single poet per issue. We do not charge a reading fee. Contributors will receive a free copy of the magazine and may be asked to read it at an on-campus event.

File Type and Naming

We only accept .doc or .docx files. Submissions that are PDFs, Google Doc links, or .html format will not be read. For comics submissions, see Art Guidelines below. Files must be submitted with the name of the applicant in file name. Please include the name you wish to appear in the magazine along with any socials.

Art Submissions

File Type and Name

For visual matter, we accept standard digital image formats (examples: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, and .swf). Please do not submit digital photographs in .raw format. Comics may be sent as PDF files. We will accept high-quality sound and video formats such as .wav, .mov, etc. Files must be submitted with the name of the applicant in the file name. Please include the name you wish to appear in the magazine along with any socials.

Image Quality

If you are submitting traditional two-dimensional work (for example, an image of a painting), a head-on, HD photo in good lighting on a plain/absent background is optimal. For three-dimensional works (including ceramics, fashion, etc.), please include at least two angles on a white/plain backdrop or a related background that compliments the work while keeping lighting and photo quality in mind.

Motion Based Work

Animations and films may be accepted given that they meet all other general guidelines. Video files and GIFs may be included as-is on our website or on our YouTube channel. We may also include a still frame or theatrical poster in the physical magazine if a high-quality screencap is available. You may submit an excerpt, and if we accept it, we will be happy to include links to the complete work.

Fanart Policy

We won’t accept work that is explicitly fanart. “Explicit fanart” consists of derivative or copyrighted characters and related imagery. Subtle pop culture references are allowable, especially in the case of parody or political/social/cultural commentary.

General Guidelines

Artificial Intelligence Generator Policy

We consider the unethical use of AI–including AI art or text generators and similar AI programs–to be plagiarism, and it will not be considered for publication in Botticelli. If your work is accepted, you will be asked to sign a statement affirming that your work has not been made using AI generators. Accepted or published submissions proven to have been generated using AI software will be rejected or removed from our website, and the writer/artist will be banned from submitting to Botticelli in the future.


If you have questions about the usage of AI in art or literature submissions, please contact us.

Hate Speech

Works that promote violence or prejudice on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc., will not be considered for publication in Botticelli.


If we accept your work, we request first worldwide serial rights, which only means that we will have the right to be the first to publish your work. (“Publish” does not apply to submitting or sharing work in a class.) This means you wouldn’t post the work to social media or your blog, etc. until we’ve published it in Botticelli.

Once we’ve published your work, you can republish or re-post it anytime you wish. Authors and artists retain their copyright; we make no claim to any form of ownership. We do request that you agree to have your accepted work live in our print issue and on our website in perpetuity. (Which sounds scary, we know, but imagine if we had to go back and scrub a poem from every printed copy of issue #10!)


Artists: If we would like to use your work on our website or in promotional materials, we will ask your permission first.

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