Poem for Thunderstorms - Cymber Lebahn

O, you marvelous God, you all-seeing 

brute, you proclaim a fear that pounds 

in my ears.  


You shake the mightiest of skyscrapers when you rumble.

You shake me, crumbling to my knees for an inch of mercy. 


An opposite charge, ground or air-bound,

you blind me, sparking your inferno. 


Run and hide, but even a house may not shelter,

your jagged blights scrape and scream, 

begging for my submission. 


Thunderstorm, you have it. I can’t sleep with you

here, strangled by the thought of you, 

breathless in the face of you. 


Waves of black glisten like the ocean of the heavens,

deceitful in your beauty, a few raindrops to drowning. 


Your rage swells and bubbles into a burst,

a million unspoken words breaking free. 


My reflection in your torrential downpour incites horror,

the gray abyss, our souls, 

too similar for safety. 

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