Botticelli Magazine is an online literary and art journal produced and edited by students at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD). It’s created through the Literary Publishing I and II courses, which typically run every semester.

The first issue of Botticelli was published in 1970. It was published annually from that year until 2000. (We’re working on uploading all of those issues’ covers.) When Dr. Sophia Kartsonis was hired by CCAD in 2009, she immediately revived the tradition of Botticelli and published the first new issue in 2011.

(Learn more about Dr. Kartsonis here!)

Literary Publishing I & II

Literary Publishing I and II are typically offered each semester. Students can take one or both courses for credit. In addition to learning about contemporary issues in publishing, including diversity, equity, inclusion, and access, students are responsible for publicizing a call for submissions, making all editorial decisions, and designing and laying out each issue before sending it to the printer.

The Botticelli Mural

The Botticelli mural was created in 1999 by a group of CCAD students alongside Tam Peterson. The idea for the mural came from then illustration student Michael Philips, and took 8 days and 16 gallons of paint to complete. It was painted onto the side of the former Student Center, which was demolished in 2004, so we thought it would be fitting to give it new life as the face of our Botticelli website.

The mural in progress, courtesy of the CCAD Archives

Botticelli Website

        Local Columbus Hellhound, Guard Dog is a 2D focused experimental artist with a BFA in Animation. Serving as the Botticelli website developer since taking the class in spring 2023, he’s continuing his position into his graduating year of 2025!


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