Where are you - Myka Williamson

I asked my Father
I find my Father in every sunset I see
you have my Fathers eyes
I see Him in you too
I find my Father in the gardens
His hands as soft as petals
you smell just like Him
I find my Father in the midst of gospel
the loud keyboard the praise dancing
the panting of the Pastor preaching
your voice sounds just like Him
Where is my Father I ask you
you tell me He’s in the quiet reading
He’s in the midst of incense burning
His voice speaks latin
and He only wants a certain few
I tell you that’s not where I find my Father
my Father is in a community
Holding hands of hurt people
people who look like me
you’re Father may live in the books of your church
but mine lives in my breath when i sing
in my eyes when i read
in my feet when i praise
you ask me where my Father is
I say He’s in me and where I am

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