Sisters - Tori Phillips

Being someone’s sister is such an honor.

To me, my sister became a gateway to girlhood and womanhood.

Her advice and guidance help shape who I am today.


My sister and I are like flowers in a garden.

We might not bloom the same or grow in the same way.

But our roots intertwine and we belong together.


She’s more than just a sister to me.

She’s my best friend.

She’s my hero.

She’s my role model.

She’s sometimes even a second mom.


If I could share my sister with everyone, I would.

She’s funny.

She’s smart.

She’s beautiful.

She’s resilient and stubborn.

She’s independent and dedicated.


With her, life is so much more fun and exciting to live.

I wouldn’t want to do it without her.

And if I ever do this thing called life again,

I would choose her all over again.

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