Dear Squirrel - Cauley Smith

I passed you three times today.
I’m sorry I forgot you were there each time.
And I’m sorry I flinched when I looked you in the eyes.
I really don’t know how long you’ve been there, but I remember when my friend mentioned you.
And I remember looking for you on my walk home. You looked so full of life, but stiff.
Uncomfortable, and also so wistful.
But today, you looked painful. Your smile was wider, eyes were deeper.
I wish there was something I could do, but honestly, I’m afraid to get close to you.
I think I wish I had buried you when I had the chance.
I hope it went by fast and painlessly, and whatever you needed to cross the road for wasn’t too
Next time I cross the street, I promise to look both ways. And I’ll look for you, and be sure to say
hi, or atleast give a polite smile.
I promise not to flinch.
Thinking of you,

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