Issue 20 - Fall 2023


Bind – Christine Breckler 

So Sorry Alice. – Taé Brown 

To Dust you Shall Return – Lucky Christiansen 

Going To Hell For Business and Pleasure – Valentine Farris 

Beloved – Aj Francis

Goose Egg Blue Wallpaper – Hannah Gryszka

Creative – Gabby Huffman

The Door at the End of the Hallway – Fee Thomas

A Story About Jenna – Fee Thomas


Cut and Come Again – Elaina Bonner

Abecedarian of Poisonous Plants – Mars Caster

Metzil to Mexican girls – Nevaeh Castro

Poem in which I imagine myself in a Greta Gerwig Film – Nevaeh Castro

Art Institute circa 2010 – Lucky Christiansen

Bag of Blood – Darcy Cunningham

Bestial Burden – Morty Foster

Wrong – Siegfried Gallagher

Confessional poem – Hannah Gryszka

Sea Marshmallows – Nicholas Naunheimer

Sparkle – Tori Phillips

Loss – Tori Phillips

How do you love? – Lavelle Roach

Vessel – Luke Staten

Swallowed – Luke Staten

Trauma – Kaithan Rice

Art Like Water – Kaithan Rice

Cosmic Journal – Kaithan Rice

Rollerball – Lea Wright

Screen Writing

OMDI-204 (“Your Body”) – Page Farris

Rain of Mercury – Patrick Thibodeaux

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