Cosmic Journal - Kaithan Rice

Heed my prayer for the next great equalizer that may alter all who exist. Spare my thoughts, memories, and dreams between these pages. Exclaim the fragments of me across the boundless cosmos or let me rest where I lay.


As a subject of the living machine I plead for the embrace of pastures and worlds never seen. Untainted by needless obligation or expectation. Leave me as I be. When that day finally comes, let them take what they need.  May I then rest surrounded by wood chips and hay.


Let it all wash away. Beginning a new day. Now one with the universe. Watch as I wave. In hopes that I evade and do as I crave. Life is what is made. Here’s some aid. All mortals the same, playing the game. A purpose to fight for; therefore, a fear. These are the ingredients all creatures play.

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