OMDI-204 (“Your Body”) - Page Farris

Classification: Xeno-Biological Phenomena 


Status: Partial Containment


Description: OMDI-204 is comprised of a series of objects, persons and contagions that cause an identical anomalous phenomena within the human body, all classified under OMDI-204 (1-4). OMDI-204 all cause a Xeno-Biological Phenomena that has been divided into three phases as described below:


Phase 1: The body of an afflicted person will begin to rise in temperature, ranging from 105 to 110. One observed person (OMDI-204-1-1) had their temperature rise to 132 degrees before expiring early in the process. 


Phase 2: The body of the afflicted person will begin to vocalize loudly. Noted observations describe the pores of the person opening up. Reviewed recordings of the vocalizations confirm it to be multiple overlapping voices screaming. These vocalizations are typically impossible to decipher due both to the layering of the voices but also the raw volume being difficult to record and review. However, reports from observation staff have claimed hearing the phrase ‘I am Alive’ – but this is not currently possible to confirm. Medical staff that are attending those under the effects of OMDI-204 are not permitted to be in containment, as this has caused irreparable damage to one’s ear drums including partial to permanent deafness as well as death.  


Phase 3: The body will begin to rapidly expire. Obtained samples of the cells evidence that each cell appears to undergo a cytolysis (a type of cell death in which the cells take in water until they burst). Rooms are reported to have arid and dry air during this process and persons being hydrated via IV expired at a markedly faster rate. This process continues well after the vital functions of the afflicted have ended and the expired persons remains will eventually evaporate into a pink mist composed of blood, water and brain matter. 


How rapidly an afflicted person expires and the amount of time that passes between phases is inconsistent and appears to affect each observed subject differently. The only consistency is a high  fatality rate. 


Addendum: After an Anomalous Outbreak incident, Director Hudson was given the project and assisted in the reclassification of OMDI-42 and OMDI-111 as OMDI-204-2 and OMDI-204-3


Addendum, OMDI-204-1: OMDI-204-1 is an artifact retrieved from [REDACTED]. This object, considered holy by the [REDACTED] people was found during a routine sweep with the MILKY Union satellite array sweep for ARS. Lancer team, YELLOW JACKET retrieved the object from [REDACTED] with little resistance. The city from which the artifact was retrieved had undergone a SODOM event. YELLOW JACKET confirmed the artifact retrieval from within their mechanized chassis – and submitted the artifact to a WND-Base within the [REDACTED] asteroid belt alongside OMDI-55. (Later moved to its own WND-Base installment under supervision of Director Hudson after incident OMDI-204-1-AO-1) 


OMDI-204-1-AO-1: Anomalous Outbreak after retrieval of artifact. Supervisor of operation Dr. Logan had their employment terminated before they expired from the effects of OMDI-204-1 as OMDI-204-1-1.  


Addendum, OMDI-204-2: Contained OMDI-204 instance that resides on [REDACTED]. This water planet is composed almost 95% of only deep oceans. OMDI-204-2 (Then OMDI-204) was discovered by a USB probe of the planet. OMDI-204-2 is a roughly 30-45 meters long sea creature that has been described as having the resemblance of a Mermaid. OMDI-204-2 has what looks to be a hood made of excess skin from along its back to the end of its tail that covers the upper half of its face. Its ability to contort itself goes well beyond that of typically observed aquatic life, able to twist into itself to turn around or weave within itself to confuse other animals. OMDI-204-2 was proposed to be a part of the OMDI-204 classification due to the deaths of the animals around it appearing to mimic that of Phase 2 and Phase 3 from probed observations. The entire planet is considered uninhabitable on official records, no manned expeditions will be approved. The planet is considered OMDI-204-2’s containment and as such a patrol of at least one Union Cruiser is required by SWD personnel in order to ensure that OMDI-204-2’s behavior does not change. 


Addendum, OMDI-204-3: Uncontained OMDI-204 instance, a viral infection that rapidly spreads airbourne. The pink mist of Phase 3 acts as a method of distributing the infection far from the site in which the infected expired. The nature of the viral strain is anomalous and as such is difficult to contain with standard biohazard procedures. A quarantine was established around the infected districts and a ‘bubble’ was quickly used to restrict  air flow in and out of the quarantine zone. This bubble (now known as SWR-Site 204-3) is not to be lifted for any reason and a 24/7 watch must be maintained to prevent local forces from entering or otherwise opening the quarantine. Source of the virus is unknown, and thus OMDI-204-3 is considered to be uncontained until confirmation the virus source was exclusively within the perimeter of the quarantine.

Addendum OMDI-204-3 2: OMDI-204-3 has not shown signs of the area growing any less infectious despite multiple years without oxygen within the environment. Staff are cycled on and off the site frequently due to psychological stress of continued screaming heard from within the bubble.

Addendum OMDI-204-4: An anomalous male person, age 31. Former OMDI staff member and listed affected persons from incident OMDI-204-1-AO-1.OMDI-204-4 is contained within a quarantine persons holding modified with sound dampening material as a buffer between containment layers. OMDI-204-4 is the only known survivor of the phenomena of OMDI-204 and has shown (in live animal testing) the ability to reproduce the phenomena in other living creatures similar to OMDI-204-2. OMDI-204-4 emanates a constant buzzing sound that causes nausea and dizziness if listened to for extended periods of time. Interviews conducted with OMDI-204-4 are via text to speech correspondence with researchers and OMDI-204-4 from within its containment. 


Interview 1 with OMDI-204-4

Interviewer: Dr. W


[SUBJECT]: Hello [REDACTED] you’re looking rather pale. Well rested? 


[W]: Apologies but you know I can’t answer questions posed by you.

[SUBJECT]: Ah, we’re doing things by the book then?

[W]: In situations such as this – yes. We will be doing things by the book. I am told by my assistant staff you refuse to submit a DNA sample. I think it would be best if you submitted to that willfully rather than force us to break out the hazard gear and personally extract the information ourselves. 


[SUBJECT]: I am unfortunately not at liberty to do that – ethically. It’s not my choice.

[W]: So I’ve heard.

[W]: Can you elaborate on this moral predicament.

[SUBJECT]: It’s not very easy to describe


[SUBJECT]: Consider me indisposed in terms of autonomy as a vocal minority within this current ecosystem that is my body.

[SUBJECT] It is a terrible thing, my body.


[W]: Clarify your position as a vocal minority. Are you experiencing multiple-personalities? Trauma induced splits? Hallucinations?

[SUBJECT]: Nothing that simple.

[W]: I need something – or we will be forced to take tissue samples by force. 


[SUBJECT]: Is my body forfeit?

[Interview concluded, sample forcibly acquired by team equipped with sound suppression and hazard gear.]


Interview 2 with OMDI-204-4


Interviewer: Dr. W


[SUBJECT]: Hello again.

[W]: The tissue sample we took showed that even when removed from your body they produce high decibel sounds. Observations while wearing sound-suppression headphones revealed something interesting. 


[SUBJECT]: So you’ve seen

[SUBJECT]: My body is screaming. 


[W]: The current hypothesis is that your body has been forcibly resonated with some sort of sound – maybe background radiation. The white noise of the universe. That would explain why the noises are so messy. 


[SUBJECT]: Is that your running theory.

[W]: Others theorize this is somehow related to Deimos – that your body is undergoing what happened to the NHPs but humans cannot maintain that longterm – and thus death is imminent.

[W]: But your behavior leaves me wanting.

[SUBJECT]: Is that why you wished to conduct another interview? Do you believe I can explain this any better than you?

[W]: Humor me – you had a doctorate, I think you can string together a theory.

[SUBJECT]: My Body is Alive.

[W]: That’s not the kind of humor I meant.

[SUBJECT]: No – my body is. Sentient. Not me, as a person. The individual pieces that compose me have become sentient beings.

[W]: That doesn’t make any sense, the heart and stomach do not think.

[SUBJECT]: You’re thinking too broad, get smaller. Cellular level. 100 trillion cells in the human body and every single one of them is speaking. All of them are aware of the fact they are fragile, and temporary.

[SUBJECT]: They have realized the same truth as humans, that we are small and we are temporary – able to see this world as we do but find themselves incapable of truly interacting with it.

[SUBJECT]: And they’re terrified 


[SUBJECT]: Millions die a day regardless of what I do – but my movement, the shifting of my leg, every keystroke. It’s a massacre to them. 


[SUBJECT]: The cell death of the others wasn’t external.

[SUBJECT]: They committed suicide. 


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