Sparkle - Tori Phillips

My eyes land on a girl,

Who’s sparkle occupies the space.

She’s laughing and standing tall with her friends.

Confidence lightens the room, 

as her bright exterior illuminates everything around her.

She is beautiful and she is bright and she is laughing and

standing and living.


But what am I?


I sulk in this space, wondering if I’m overwhelming the space

with my sadness and dullness. 

Light versus Dark.

Sun versus Moon.

Flammas et frigora.


But as I remember what I tell you about her,

and I remember that maybe we are both beautiful.

Maybe we both bring energy to the room.

What is a room with nothing in it?


What is a room without her?

Without me?


Maybe we are all sparkles.

The more there are, the more we shine.

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