Sea Marshmallows - Nicholas Naunheimer

The pink, breathing atmosphere, known for

creating blessings during the sun’s regenerative emergence.

An abundance of floating whales roaming all over the city,

Blending with the warming breeze comforting their journey.


These life forms are skyscrapers playfully leaping around each other, 

Their light, salmon skin shines their welcoming appearance,

And their fluffy body makes them known as sea marshmallows.

They are delicate giants with no mass weighing them down.

They enjoy the moment around the horizon, as the wind keep moving

Them forward to their new destination. 


The Whales originally lived in a deep abyss of hallucinations,

An unlimited trench that drag Davy Jones through a whirlpool 

Of unbreathable sorrow, A place once called their numbing home.

Whether they live in the deep sea or the high sky,

They keep on singing their beautiful tunes and thrive another day. 

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