Wrong - Siegfried Gallagher

A daily lesson to unthread
Like penelope’s tapestry on the loom
An eternity of death and gloom
It marks you red and full of blood
It hunts you down into the mud
My feelings don’t match and I wish I was a hermit
My flesh is broken and my tissue is raw
My strength is a farce and I break my own law
It swallows you if you don’t behave
It follows you into your grave
The lessons I’ve been taught have come unraveled
I look to Penelope, my patron saint of encumbrance
Forever I flail in the dark, it is forever my demise
My body my own, forever to disguise
I’ve been marked red, and blood fills my veins
But all that will be left of me is unrecognizable remains
Something is wrong with me and it wasn’t mine to decide
Something that’s probably much more than I’ve denied
The gloom enters my pretty red veins and my blood turns a murky brown
Muddied by the waters in which I desperately wish to drown

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